Konstantinos Chatziavas

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I found myself in Kifissia to continue the conversation we had started with Kostas Chatziavas during a photo shoot at the Recipe Bar and we ended up preparing a profile and set the result!

  • Since when have you been working in bars?

Since I was sixteen years old as an assistant in bars.

  • How did you decide to involve with bartending?

Because I like to make drinks and host people in the bars I work.

  • What makes your job exciting?

The everyday communication with people.

  • Do you prefer a Hotel Bar or a Bar?


  • City or island?


  • Greece or abroad?


  • What’s your favorite spirit, ingredient and cocktail?

Whisky, citrus, Mint Julep.

  • Which is your favorite beer?

I would choose Mamos.

  • Do you have a favorite technique or tool?

Stirring and jiggers.

  • Favorite travel destination?


  • Is the customer, always right?

In theory yes, in practice no!

  • What’s the level of bartending in Greece today?

Bartending in Greece is on the rise, there is constant evolution, information and great creativity.

  • Are you reading about the industry?

Of course, I like to get constantly informed. I would suggest the Savoy Bar book.

  • What does it mean or what it should mean “I won in a bartending competition”?

It means readability and distinction. It should mean not just being comfortable with it.

  • In a festival/bartending exhibition you would go for a walk, for the trip, for networking or education?

I would go for education and networking.

  • What or who would we say that is inspiring you at your job?

My love for this job

  • What are the elements, the ideal bartender should have?

Be clean, kind and smiling…

  • What’s the “ingredient” for a successful bartender?

Knowledge and experience.

  • How are you circulating? 

By car

  • Where would you take us for a drink?

I would take you to a bar in Chalandri, as it is my favorite area.

  • You drink your beer….?

Where ever the company goes.

Recipe Bar

12 Kassaveti str, Kifissia

Dimitris Rimpopoulos, is a bartender from Athens. He worked at several bars in Athens and Hotel-bars on islands (Mykonos, Paros etc). He collaborates with BeerBartender at BeerLab and Beer & Bar Magazine.

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