Crafted Paloma

Crafted Paloma Cocktail
© Dimosthenis Papadopoulos, BeerBartender

The name Paloma is said to be inspired by a Mexican song of the 1860s. What we can safely say is that Crafted Paloma, a variation of the classic recipe, we use the Altos Plata in our recipe, is the most popular tequila cocktail in Mexico.


60ml Altos Plata
30ml Pink grapefruit juice
20ml Lime juice
15ml Agave syrup
Salt, Pepper

Tools & Method

Tools: Bar Spoon
Method: Stir
Glass: Highball
Garnish: Sea salt, Pink pepper, Grapefruit wedge


Garnish the highball glass with a rim of sea salt and pink pepper. Stir the ingredients until the agave syrup has dissolved. Fill with ice and garnish with a wedge of grapefruit.

Nicola Radisis is an experienced beer consultant, bartender, member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, Hellenic Barmen Association and founder of BeerBartender. He is co-founder of BeerLab and publisher of Beer & Bar Magazine.

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