Periklis Pitenis

Periklis Pitenis is a person with a lot of interests. He likes beer and booze and seeks for the best combination for the sweets he prepares. He also likes spices and herbs. Periklis is well known for his pastry twists.

star anise

Star Anise, a spice star!

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Its aroma is instantly recognizable to anyone who has drunk or eaten anything that had it as one of its ingredients. If you are not familiar with the smell of star anise, think of ouzo. Its origin is not native to Greece, although as people, we are quite fond of it.


Christmas Stollen

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When you feel Christmas, it’s time to drink high alcohol beers, whiskey and booze. But Christmas is also a family day. During this period it is perfect to eat snacks and sweets. This is the time for Stollen.