Aris Chatziantoniou

Aris Chatziantoniou
© Aris Chatziantoniou

We met Aris Chatziantoniou in his bar in Keramikos area of Athens. MoMix is well know for its modern cocktails as it offers molecular cocktails and promote tastes and flavors. Aris is well known for his work and we got the opportunity to introduce to you a bartender and a place for your Athens visits. Please note that MoMix can be found also in Santorini, the volcanic island with the magnificent sunset!


  • Since when have you been working in bars?


  • How did you decide to involve with bartending?

It was completely by chance

  • What makes your job exiting?

Everything! People centered, tastes, music…

  • Day or Night?

Day and night

  • Do you prefer a Hotel Bar or a Bar?

I would rather not be working in a hotel bar.

  • City or island?


  • Greece or abroad?

Greece and abroad. In Germany at Oldenburg

  • What’s your favorite spirit, ingredient and cocktail?

Metaxa!!! Lately I am thrilled by the meringue. I think I like every cocktail in its own way

  • Which is your favorite beer?

My favorite beer style is Weiss. I like Paulaner Weiss a lot, from Germany

  • Do you have a favorite technique or tool?

I do not separate them. I like them all for a reason.

  • The best place to travel is? Favorite travel destination

My home. I rarely get to stay there

  • Is the customer, always right?

I act as if they are always right, but I try to bring them to my side

  • What’s the level of bartending in Greece today?

In a decent level

  • Motorcycle, car, public transport, which do you prefer?

Motorcycle! Always helmet and jacket!!

  • Where would you take us for a drink?

Near the sea!

  • You drink your beer….?

Always with company


MoMix | Molecular Mixology

1 Keleou str, Keramikos-Athens, Greece

Original publication: Beer & Bar Magazine-Issue 3 [GR]

Dimitris Rimpopoulos, is a bartender from Athens. He currently works at "O MPAMPAS" (means The daddy) in Koukaki. He collaborates with BeerBartender at BeerLab and Beer & Bar Magazine.

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