Apple Martini

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A well known recipe. Apple Martini can be found in most cocktail lists around the world. It is refreshing and Fall is the best period to find fresh apples to pair it.


60 ml Vodka Tito’s
25 ml Green apple liquer
10 ml Fresh lime juice
25 ml MONIN Caramel syrup

Tools & Method

Tools: Shaker, Strainer | Method: Shake | Glass: Martini/Cocktail | Garnish: Apple wedge


Cool the glass, with ice and water. Shake all the ingredients. Clear the glass from the ice. Double strain into the glass. Garnish with one apple wedge or some apple slices.

Dimitris Rimpopoulos, is a bartender from Athens. He worked at several bars in Athens and Hotel-bars on islands (Mykonos, Paros etc). He collaborates with BeerBartender at BeerLab and Beer & Bar Magazine.

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