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Angelos Bafas was born in 1990 in Drama. He studied Business Administration and started his involvement in the bar industry the “golden” year of 2004 from junior positions. He is looking to update his knowledge and seeks new challenges though travelling and reading.
 He is the founder of the greek blog, PlanBars.gr. Today he works at Paraty & Loft in Thessaloniki.

  • Since when have you been working in bars?

I have started working at the industry in 2004 and in 2009 I “jumped” behind the bars.

  • How did you decide to involve with bartending?

For creativity and innovation.

  • What makes your job exciting?

The costumers.

  • Day or Night?


  • Do you prefer a Hotel Bar or a Bar?

Just a bar.

  • City or island?

City, with plenty of cement.

  • Greece or abroad?


  • What’s your favorite spirit, ingredient and cocktail?

Rum, Bitters, Sazerac.

  • Which is your favorite beer?

India Pale Ale (ex: Voreia).

  • Do you have a favorite technique or tool?

Build and my Multi-jigger.

  • The best place to travel is? Favorite travel destination

New Zealand.

  • Is the customer, always right?

Almost never!

  • What’s the level of bartending in Greece today?

Greek bartending has raised to a high level high. The positive is that people see it today as a profession and not just as a student-job.

  • Are you reading anything related to the industry?

I read frantically blogs and books. My favorite is “The Curious Bartender” by Tristian Stephenson.

  • You have won a contest! What’s the meaning of this win and what should it mean?

It means that your efforts have been acknowledged, especially for people not from urban places. It’s the opportunity for reconnaissance, evolution and uplifting.

  • How are you circulating? 

I prefer using public transportation.

  • Where would you take us for a drink?

Speaking about Northern Greece the only place I could think about is “Spitaki Cocktail Bar” in Ioannina.

  • You drink your beer….?

At the proper temperature and the right glass.

Paraty & Loft

8 Pindou str, Ladadika-Thessaloniki, Greece

Original publication: Beer & Bar Magazine-Issue 5 [GR]

Dimitris Rimpopoulos, is a bartender from Athens. He worked at several bars in Athens and Hotel-bars on islands (Mykonos, Paros etc). He collaborates with BeerBartender at BeerLab and Beer & Bar Magazine.

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