Beer & Bar Magazine was found in 2016. It started publishing annually during the BeerBartender Awards. The issue of 2017 received great feedback and forced BeerBartender team to pursue their vision for a regular appearance of a printed version during the year. The decision was made and at summer 2017 when the third issue of Beer & Bar Magazine was printed. With even greater feedback than the previous, Beer & Bar Magazine will be available at Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer each year.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.– Steve Jobs

The magazine hosts articles from professionals from every business like brewers, bartenders, maître, winemakers, sommeliers, baristi. Opinion leaders from abroad and writers from England and Germany are contributing to each issue.

The readers of Beer & Bar Magazine are consumers as well as people related to the beer and spirits business and businessmen along with people from the hotel and tourist industry.

Beer & Bar Magazine is considered as a major tool for promoting and raising the awareness of a beer, a microbrewery and any brand that can be found in a bar in Greece and Cyprus. Our purpose is to use the magazine as views, ideas and knowledge exchange medium, helping each branch to develop further. At the same time, we want to train the new professionals and entrepreneurs and inform the consumers by correcting mistakes and covering the omissions of the past.

Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy!– Benjamin Franklin

Clean pages, readable texts, easy to understand. A luxurious and elaborate version. We do not want to tire the reader with a laden, unsightly presentation. We chose stylish and quality material, because feeling plays an important role.

We have carefully selected twenty locations in Greece and Cyprus, where Beer & Bar Magazine is available for free. Alternatively, the magazine is available through annual subscription.

Main Index

  • Fundamentals – Market News, Events Calendar, Social Moments
  • Beer – Home2Brew, Brewer’s SixPack, Beer Festival
  • Spirits – Spirit, Cocktails
  • Mixing Glass – Wine, Coffee, Service, Ingredient, Food, Pastry, Around the World
  • Profile – Interview, BSBP


  • Nicola Radisis
  • Danae Margaritidi
  • Ericos Radisis
  • Dimitris Rimpopoulos
  • Panagiotis Tsakiris
  • Giorgos Rossos
  • Periklis Pitenis
  • Katerina Papadopoulou


Respectful people of the beer, cider and brewing industry as well as spirits and bartening have contribute with their opinions in the magazine till today. Some of them are:

Beer & Brewing: Tim Hampson, Adrian Tierney-Jones, Susanna Forbes, Dirk Hoplitschek, Panagiotis Savva

Bartending & Spirits: Dionisis Polatos, Simos Tagaras, Nikos Sotiropoulos, Nearchos Novakos, Vassilis Kiritsis, Yiannis Vlachos, Panos Trantas

Wine: Michalis Xiradakis

Food & Pastry: Chef Kostas Koveos

Travel: Maria Kofou